The P3 EQUATE Network hopes to make meaningful connections in order to transform Maternal and Infant Health Equity. Our goals include:

  1. Engaging in collaborative efforts
  2. Changing practice and policy
  3. Multiplying the workforce
  4. Advancing cardiovascular health
  5. Eliminating preventable maternal and infant mortality and morbidity

We need your help!

  1. Individuals, Institutions, Community Organizations, etc.. all are welcome! We look forward to connecting with you!
  2. Use the P3 EQUATE Network platform to conduct studies related to Maternal and Infant Health Equity and Cardiovascular health
  3. Share related information with us!
  4. Philanthropy
    • Would you like to help contribute to research efforts to transform maternal and infant health equity? Please consider donating to the P3 EQUATE Network.
      Donate here: Donate to the P3 Equate Network