DREAM: Dismantling structural Racism to promote EquitAble Maternal Health Outcomes

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Northwestern University

Kiarri N. Kershaw, PhD, MPH, MS

Principal Investigator: 
Kiarri N. Kershaw, PhD, MPH, MS

Black-White differences in the health of mothers and babies are one of the largest health inequities in the US. Early birth, low birth weight, and high blood pressure during pregnancy can all negatively impact the health of mother and baby. Structural racism is thought to be to be a major factor contributing to theses Black-White differences in health. But there is still not a clear definition of structural racism that shows how it impacts health. The overall goal of this project is to work with a geographically diverse group of pregnant and birthing persons, community organizations and other stakeholders to identify the most salient approaches to address the adverse impact of exposure to structural racism on Black-White inequities in adverse pregnancy outcomes and CVD risk.