World Health Day 2023: A message from Alan Tita, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Mary Heersink Institute for Global Health

Written by Emily Liming Johns, UAB Heersink School of Medicine News, April 7, 2023

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World Health Day commemorates the World Health Organization’s April 7, 1948, founding and is celebrated to raise global health awareness. This year’s theme is “Health for All,” emphasizing the past, present, and future of global communities coming together to provide health equity and access. Through the establishment of the Mary Heersink Institute for Global Health (MHIGH), UAB’s engagement in global health, including collaborative partnerships, continues to grow as interest in global health work is consistently increasing.

Last year, the Heersink School of Medicine communications team sat down with the institute’s director and associate dean for Global and Women’s Health, Alan T. N. Tita, M.D., Ph.D., to discuss his team’s vision of UAB’s global health efforts.

The team followed up with Dr. Tita this year to catch up on the institute’s progress and vision for 2023.